emotional intelligence 26

Emotional Intelligence & The State of Things:

Select a story from current events to discuss how any aspect of Emotional Intelligence, or lack thereof, is manifesting in our world, communities, even ourselves. Include a link to the story/event you are choosing.

Sadly, the news is ripe right now with examples and topics for discussion concerning the lack of EI in our world. Remember you can also pick an example of Emotional Intelligence being practiced — an uplifting or hopeful story. You should consider the components of EI you identified in your essay, and focus on specifics in discussing them and your story. Make sure you clearly connect what you have read to Goleman/points from our text, citing examples of Goleman’s theoretical connected to the practical and real examples you’ve chosen. Part of what you are being evaluated on here is your ability to recognize what Goleman is talking about in the world around us, and make that realization/connection clear to your readers.

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*Make sure you include a link to your story and a brief summary of the content in the first paragraph of your response.

*Your selection should come from a reputable news source. That is, it must be an established news organization with verifiable content. It must be a decent length; selecting a blurb or quick read article (anything that includes in the title “5 minute read” should be avoided) won’t cut it.

*Your response should be a minimum of 700 words

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