map journal project proposal 1

There are a multiplicity of geographies that are contained in the world. None are more important or more intriguing than the other. All geographies are a matter of personal or group interest and perspective. Your assignment is to choose a topic that you may explore using geographic concepts and visualization techniques to inform your audience about its importance.

Phase 1 – Map Journal Proposal

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Create 1 proposal idea. Your proposal must be 3 paragraphs in length only and must:

  • Give a title to the project
  • Provide a clear description of the map journal project
  • Explain in detail the geographic significance of the project; and
  • Highlight the data sources that will be accessed

Use paragraph headers. For example, Project Description, Geographic Significance, and Data Collection Source(s). A model example of the proposal format is provided as a courtesy to follow. A failing grade will be administered to submissions that have fewer than three paragraph statements.

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