the self critique video analysis

The Self-Critique Video Analysis Assignment

The self-critique video analysis allows you to become fully aware of your own specific strengths and weaknesses. For this assignment you will review your “Resource Speech” (If you have problems viewing your video please notify the instructor).

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Your paper should be two-four full pages, typed, double spaced, use Times New Romans 12- point font, and follow the guidelines of MLA. The following two links are a helpful MLA guideline resource……

In essay format, with well-developed paragraphs, you are to address the following questions in your paper, be sure to provide evidence from the video to support your claims.


1. How did your introduction attract the attention of the audience?

2. What type of attention-getter did you use?

3. Did you clearly introduce your source?

4. Was your speech organized and easy for the audience to follow?

5. Was it clear to the audience that the speech had concluded?


1. How comfortable did you feel during the speech?

2. Does the video show you as more or less comfortable and confident than you really were?

3. How dynamic do you think your delivery was during the speech?

4. What points about your delivery please you?

5. How could your delivery been improved?

a. Did you maintain eye contact with the audience? How appropriate was it?

b. How appropriate was your rate and volume of speech?

c. How appropriate was your pitch/tone?

d. How appropriate was your use of body movement?


1. What were your main strengths in your speech?

2. Where is there room for improvement

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