please answer as detailed as possible 32

1. NAEYC Standard 2 states, “Candidates ….know about, understand, and value the importance and complex characteristics of children’s families and communities.” What exactly does this mean, and how will you ensure that you uphold this goal in your work with children? Please include a few examples.

2. NAEYC Standard 2 states, “Involving families and communities in young children’s development and learning.” How can teachers ensure that they uphold this standard in the classroom? Please include a few examples.

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3. What are the benefits to a play-based curriculum? Please include a few examples.

4. Compare and contrast play-based preschool models. Please include a few examples.

5. Why might it be important to build a positive relationship with a disruptive student rather than acting as an authority figure to get him or her to do something? Describe some strategies that you would use as a teacher to gain a better understanding of your students’ family lives and cultural backgrounds? Please include a few examples.

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