homework for week 7

Homework for Week 7

  1. Based on A Data Picture of Our School, what area/s reflect the highest urgency or greatest need? (What gaps and holes have you discovered between teachers’ training or professional development, and student learning? How will we bring students to the next level of learning? Be sure to look at your data with regard to student performance.)

Gap #1: What’s the gap and how do you know it’s a gap? What data do you have? What comparison data do you have? Put your notes here: (example: low reading )USE YOUR DATA FROM ASSIGNMENT 1!

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The presage of student who didn’t meet is 14 % on ELA

The presage of students who didn’t meet 24% on ELA for 8 grade

The proficient is 29% at school levels


Achievement Gap

The persistent difference in academic performance between different ethnic and racial groups, income levels, gender, and special student groups


GRADES. Summary



With Disabilities/Non IEP

Low Income/Non Low Income

2. How will you address it? – Name at last 2 PD ideas that will work from each category: Standardized, Site-Based, or Self-Directed. Put your notes here:

Standardized Idea #1: (example: guest speaker for whole school on reading strategies)

Standardized Idea #2: (PD Day for all teachers)

Site-Based Idea #1: (Technology person to work with reading teachers)

Site-Based Idea #2: (Training only the reading or math teachers)

Self-Directed Idea #1: (Learn reading or math strategies on their own)

Self-Directed Idea #2: (Take an online class alone, or read a book)

3. Of the ideas listed above, what would work best?

●Provide a brief narrative of 1) a reflection on current professional development needs within your school 2) identify which model/s of professional development would work best for your school and your reasoning behind that selection (why would you pick those?). The model can change based on the need of professional development. PICK TWO FROM ABOVE AND WRITE ABOUT THEM!

4. What cost factors are involved (i.e. subs, guest speakers, venue, refreshments/meals, rentals)?

Examples: $120×10 teachers=$1,200 for ONE DAY of substitute teachers, cost of speaker, etc.

Example: Conference:

5. What will you use to assess the effectiveness of the professional development?

  • Collect data later on the assessment, survey the teachers, formative and summative assessments for students, check for teacher understanding of the strategies taught in the PD, use post-it notes after the presentation, observe the teachers and see if they are using the strategies, collect notes from teachers after the presentation, etc.
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