project company 3

I have a project company and it’s only two part I have to do which is the( Industry Assessment & Company Assessment )

Company name AT&T

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  • Industry Assessment

A.Industry Overview

1.Description of Industry.

2.Industry SIC, NAIC, GICS codes.

3.S&P Sector/Subsector.

B.Industry Size.

1.Number of Firms.

2.Business Segments (if applicable)

3.Annual Revenues.

C.Industry Economic Structure.

1.Discussion of industry on Monopoly to “Perfect” Competition Spectrum.

a)4,8,12 firm Concentration Ratios.

b)4,8,12 firm Herfindahl Ratios.

2.Discussion of barriers to entry/replicability of firms in the industry.

3.Discussion of regulation of the industry.

D.Industry Financial Data (last 5 years)


2.Operating Costs.




E.Industry Growth Prospects (next 5 years)

1.Drivers of Growth.

2.Estimates of Revenue & EPS Growth.

F.Peers Identification.


  • Company Assessment.

A.Company Description.

B.Brief Company History.

C.Company Business Model.

D.Company Management & Governance (Brief).

E.Company Business Segments (if applicable).

F.Company Current and Anticipated Competitive Position.

G.Company Growth Strategies.

H.Company Consistency with SMIF Investment Policy Statement on Socially Responsible Investing.

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