answer this case questions quot see description quot

See attached file (case)

  • For Q2 and Q3, a way to measure the performance of UPS and FedEx is to compute their ROE and NOPAT margin and compare these measures across the companies.
  • For Q4, several key factors for UPS’ stock value are sales growth rate, NOPAT margin, working capital to sales, net long-term assets to sales, and leverage. Compute these ratios for UPS before IPO and try to forecast these values for fiscal year 2000.

1. What are the key success factors and risks for UPS given its business strategy?

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2. How is UPS performing? What factors are driving this performance? Is the current performance likely to be sustained? Why or why not?

3. How is FedEx performing? How, if at all, does its performance and plans affect your assessment of the sustainability of UPS’s current performance?

4. Given your assessment of the company’s strategy and the sustainability of its performance, forecast the key factors for UPS’s stock value.

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