microsoft access it 200 creating a table

Read Access 2016 Bible Chapters 1 through 3 for an introduction to using MS Access.

To begin working with tables in MS Access, review the article on Creating a Table

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There are also videos on Atomic Learning if you are looking for a more visual step by step. Please note: These tutorials reference Visio 2013. Your version of Visio may look slightly different.

After you have reviewed the Atomic Learning resources above, watch the Creating a Table in Access 2013 video tutorial, which walks through an example of how to complete this assignment.

Please note: This tutorial references Visio 2013. Your version of Visio may look slightly different.

For this submission:

  • Using Access, create the table that you described for the company you chose for the Module Two discussion. Include a minimum of seven fields.
  • Be sure to appropriately label the data types and give appropriate titles to the metadata (fields).
  • Input two data records into the table.
  • Create a Word document that contains a description of the completed table. Be sure to include the company name and why the company would use this table, along with the table name, fields, and data types of each field.
  • Submit both the Word document and the Access file (.accdb) as individual files, but include both files in the same submission.

To complete this assignment, review the Access Activity Guidelines and Rubric document.

Has to be done in Access.

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