150 words each 1

Please answer the following questions. Your answers should be typed and your opinion should be thoughtful and . Approx. 150 words each.

  1. What would you do? You are a teacher that will be evaluated by your supervisor at the end of the week. On the same day, teachers may pay $5 for “dress down” day and the proceeds benefit breast cancer research. You must decide whether to dress down or dress professionally for the observation. What do you do?
  2. We often send others mixed messages or complain that others are sending them to us. Give an example of a mixed message that you have either given or received.
  3. Using concepts from the text, why were we able to make assumptions about the woman’s photograph that we analyzed in class?
  4. Upward and downward social comparisons can be beneficial or harmful. Explain and give an example of each (a total of 4 examples).
  5. You are standing at a busy bakery counter and the clerk has waited on three customers who came in after you. She’s about to wait on someone else who just came in the door and now you are ready to assert yourself. Prepare a statement that explains the problem, clearly states what the other person should do, and has only “I” messages.
  6. John Gray, author of Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus, refers to himself as “the leading relationship expert in the world.” Discuss what you see as the most important components of improving and maintaining a relationship.
  7. How would you explain to someone else that you wanted them to be an active listener rather than someone that gave advice? What does it mean to be an active listener?
  8. Explain Rapport and Report talk, including who is most likely to use them. Use examples when necessary.
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