sql workbench

  1. Create a new Schema in your database called – “MIDTERM_LastName” (use your own last name) My Last name is Alqahtani
  2. Double-click on your new schema, it should now be BOLD

  3. Download the script here (see the Upload File ) and open in MySQL Workbench, execute script. This should install a small database.
  4. Explore the data in the script by right-clicking on each table and viewing top 1000 items.
  5. Answer the following five questions using SQL statements. Copy each completed statement into an answer sheet. Feel free to use this answer sheet from the assignment 1. (see the Upload File )
    1. What Employees have a last name that begins with the letter ‘T’ and what is their Title?
    2. What is the Maximum, minimum, and average value of the Available Balances in the accounts?
    3. What is the oldest and newest accounts for this bank?
    4. How many employees work for each Department?
    5. Which employees are supervisors? (look in employee table, all data is in this table)
  6. Write an SQL Script to add a new table to this Schema for business addresses with a one to many relationship with the business table. You do not need to enter data into this table. Copy script to answer sheet.
  7. This business wants to change the title “Tellers” to “Bank Service Reps”. Write an SQL Script to update this table. Copy Script to Answer Sheet
  8. Submit answer sheet with SQL statements.
  9. Make a screen shot of your database folder structure and send it to me.
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