markting homework 2

As we reviewed in class with white board exercises, you will write 4 draft SMART Objectives and summarize a social media audit of the business/company of your choice. Students usually find it helpful to conduct the audit first, and then go back and develop their SMART objectives and strategies.

Using the SMART objectives examples I posted and reviewed in Week 1-2,, write an objective for each of the four types noted below AND map out a few strategies that will achieve those objectives:

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Engagement Objective (related to how followers interact with your content, with sharing, liking, commenting, viewing, retweeting, etc.)

  1. Engagement Objectives for Dell’s Lemonade (SMART method)
    1. Increase followers by 10% across all social media channels
    2. Respond to comments as quickly as possible
    3. Thank new customers for following us Just only write one page
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