discussion board 502

1.Why are Google, Apple, Tesla, Fitbit, Dyson, and Intel considered innovative? Did branding play a role? For which brands? What other brands would you nominate? Why? What role did branding play in your judgment for those brands?

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2.In order to revitalize its brand with women, Reebok, the company that rode the aerobics craze over two decades ago, introduced Jukari Fit to Fly, an exercise program designed with Cirque du Soleil. A piece of equipment, the Fly Set, allows a person to fly through the air hanging on to a low trapeze. The goal is to invent a new fitness fad in exercise establishments with a program that is supported by a line of Reebok clothing.

Is this a transformational or substantial innovation that defines a new category or subcategory?

Evaluate its pros and cons for Reebok.

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