public speaking 27


The biggest idea in Chapter 5 is creating “specific purpose” statements. This statement is designed to help keep a speech focused. As you study the topic in books or online, you will run across any number of other materials that are closely related to the topic but not directly relevant to your speech. A “purpose statement” helps you cull out material that is not really relevant and include only the content that is.

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A big chunk of this chapter is devoted to “Tips for Formulating the Specific Purpose Statement.” Using ideas from that section, look over the following poorly written “purpose statements” and make them better. All of them are defective in one way or another. Send along this same set of purpose statements in an improved form. If you need to shorten or lengthen the statement to improve it, don’t hesitate.

  1. To show how Russian history and American history intersect and how religion in Russia is mainly associated with The Russian Orthodox Church.
  2. I-Phones are useful.
  3. What are some of the types of fish in Lake Michigan?
  4. The number of hungry people around the world is just pitiful.
  5. To show the audience that something should be done about government waste.
  6. To demonstrate how ceiling fans work and how to change the filters in the central air system of our homes.

Be sure, sure, sure to note how he does this in the chapter. It is easy to miss this one.

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