energy economics homework 1

  1. Please convert total energy consumption of USA in 2017 from quads into Exa J, TCE and TOE. Show your conversion works.
  2. In 2010, IEA published data stated that China became world’s #1 energy producer/consumer in 2009. China denied #1 ranking and claimed IEA was wrong. A year later, China accepted #1 title for year 2010. What’s behind this puzzle/controversy? (hint: China uses TCE as basic energy unit. Try to dig out the converting factor China use.)
  3. Please find China’s total energy supply in TCE in 2017 (2016 if data is no available yet) from original official source (meaning: published by China) and convert it in quads. What is the ratio of China’s total energy supply in term of the United States’ in that year?
  4. Which country is the most energy intensive country today? Which country is the least energy intensive? Show your source(s).
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