research proposal 85

You will use a combination of scholarly, professional, government, and mass media sources to build your argument. You will use APA format and include a references page

My topic as of right night (but can be narrowed down) is “how did the Great Recession in 2008 psychologically affect college students while attending college?” and I want to create a study with different methodologies that have been used in other researches in order to implement the necessary changes (maybe a budgeting class). My audience will be the counselors that work around mental health.

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In the proposal, you are making recommendations about a problem that still needs to be addressed in your area, a problem that is only partially resolved, or detailing a gap in the current research (that if known, might provide a solution to an already existing problem). The proposal genre is generally used to ask for money or resources to find an answer to the suggested problem, so you are persuading your audience that a problem does exist and that you have a potential, even if partial, solution, to the problem. You make an argument that the problem does exist in the literature review section.

You show the way that you will find an answer to the problem you have argued exists in the process section, your plan of action section.What type of tools or equipment would you need? What type of procedures would be useful and appropriate? What instrumentation and measures would you need? Would you conduct surveys, interviews, focus groups, statistical analysis, a review of government data?

Proposal Requirement:

Title: A descriptive statement of the project.

• Literature review: Explain your scholarly question and provide a rationale for your project. Include a narrative review of appropriate literature with in-text citations. What is your question and why is it significant?

• Process: Describe your project design and methods. Include a description of materials and equipment necessary to complete the project. What will you do to answer your question?

• Expected outcomes: Describe the anticipated outcomes, products and/or results of your project and its contribution to the scholarly community. What will you produce? How will your results be disseminated in your field?

• References: Include complete reference list of works cited and consulted in the style most appropriate to the discipline.

Initial research proposal: 2-3 pages;

For this initial proposal, I expect to see:

• sections that are somewhat unfocused, but areas where connections are being made between sections.

• relevant, credible sources being cited, even though these sources might not be fully integrated at this stage

• a sense of audience, even if the audience is conceived in broad terms at this stage

• an attempt at making an argument based on the current version of the research question. Again, the argument might not be complex, but it should show engagement with the research.

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