leadership and change 29

This course was designed to give you an insight into the organizational workings of a government or nonprofit organization. Along with that we have covered the basic fundamentals of change and adaptation in organizations in general with some very interesting discussions about the human effects of change and adapting operations to new environmental realities. The link to the blog can be found in the main menu of the course under “Extra Credit Blog with OJW”. It is located in the top section just under Course Syllabus.

My questions to you are threefold:

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  1. What piece of organizational operations have we skipped that you would be particularly interested in? This would include any of the five basic organizational operations or others you experience specifically in your work. (300 words plus one reference)
  2. What part of the human experience with change have we left out that you particularly care about? (300 or so words)
  3. Many of you come to this class with a history of Leadership. What aspects of leadership could we have focused on more in the class? Was our focus enough to give your leadership efforts at work or in your organizations a boost? (300 or so words)

Please be specific with your answers and include any reference materials or video links you think could help improve the course. The total reply should be 1200 words or so to get all the credit. This will help us improve and the course for others so please take this assignment seriously and give us some quality feedback.

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