what are the causes and outcomes of the revolutionary war

The textbook being used is U.S. History from openstax college, ISBN-10 1938168364, ISBN-13978-1-938168-36-9, Revision UH-1-000-AS
(College i)

College, Openstax. U.S. History. OpenStax College, 2014. VitalBook file.

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The citation provided is a guideline. Please check each citation for accuracy before use.

Write a minimum 500 word response to the following questions using at least the textbook:

  • To what extent did the French and Indian War cause a rupture between Britain and its North American colonies? 
(Don’t forget to address the divisions between the colonists and British army, the Proclamation Line and the debt.
  • Most historians agree that the American Revolution was caused by series of events and growing differences between the colonists and England. Explain and analyze at least two specific causes.
  • Despite having a powerful navy and a well-trained army, the patriots were able to win the American Revolution. Explain at least one of the reasons as to why the Continental Army won. Be specific.
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