lit 319 module 3 assignments

1) I need a 300 – 500 word journal post written for the following topic:

Much of the conflict in The Taming of the Shrew involves characters masking or disguising their true feelings. For this assignment, write a journal assignment as one of the main characters, exposing what your character is hiding and why. In your assignment, include details to show how masking both protects and harms your selected character. This is meant to be a creative assignment, so have fun with it!

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Please be sure to follow the attached rubric and cite using MLA formt.

2) I will need the following questions answered in a separate document:

Prompt: After restating your selected theme, play, and thesis statement, answer the questions below in 3–5 sentences each:

– How does the play reflect Shakespeare’s relationship with Elizabethan culture? For example, you might consider historical, social, and cultural elements that are evident in his work, and how he treats them.

– What dramatic treatments or elements (plot, characterization, setting, symbolism, stage directions) were influenced or affected by the theme?

– Did this work influence Elizabethan culture, either immediately or eventually? What do you think the audiences and critics thought of it?

– Based on your readings so far, how is the theme represented in Shakespeare’s other works, including the sonnets? Which ones?

Theme: Role of women

Play: The Taming of the Shrew

Thesis: It is essential to explore the role of women in the community as portrayed in the play ‘Taming the Shrew’ since it will assist in gaining a better comprehension of the significance of females in the society.

Please be sure to follow the attached rubric and cite using MLA formt.

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