in 400 600 words that respond to the following questions with your thoughts ideas and comments

Be substantive and clear, and use examples to reinforce your ideas.

  • What are some of the factors that determine whether or not a policy is cost-effective?
    • Choose a juvenile delinquency program in your state. How do the strategies used in the selected program address crime and delinquency issues?
    • Address gender policies specifically. Discuss gender policies and other theories investigating the biological impact on criminology. For example, should juvenile justice programs be unisex?
  • The context of the family is important as a focus for crime prevention efforts. How does the intergenerational transmission of criminal behavior impact possible developmental pathways for juveniles? How can early intervention reduce delinquent behavior?
    • Why is it important that policy efforts receive support for implementation?

Provide concrete and clear examples to explain your answers. Evaluate opposing views and adequately address your final conclusions.

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Some of the key factors in the cost effectiveness of a policy is evaluation. By evaluating your current position, often times it enables for a company or government to identify the current standard, in which helps determine whether or not the standard is currently being met. Juvenile delinquency programs are essential to the development of the youth. With a complete emphasis on growing and learning, youth programs provide for a way to redirect misappropriate behavior. By correcting the behavior, it enabled youth counselors to teach life enhancements, in order for the juveniles to grow to exceed their best potential. Over the years, thousands of delinquent juveniles have been reprimanded in the state system for behavior problems. In many cases the delinquent were corrected and reinvented. Where in other cases, the juvenile delinquent did not receive rehabilitation in which lead to a lifelong sentence and prison reform.

The State of Georgia has a variety of different youth programs. In many cases, some of the programs are housing for high profile delinquents in which have criminal history recently, and others are created to scare straight the young teens. With each juvenile program considered to be different, in order for you to have to look and examine which provide better learning. Evidence Base & Associates provides the juvenile delinquents with an opportunity to grow and rehabilitate while learning. After seeing a significant change to the federal system’s database it enables opportunity and a uplift and develop within, as well as correct appropriately.

When in reference to male and female juvenile delinquents, it all depended upon the person and appreciate and the violation. Violation enables the

Often times when it comes to gender base, it ultimately

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