complete psych social work discussion

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Social Work Roles

In the course project, you meet the Campbell family: Karen (mom), Joe (dad), Jacob (son), and Kali (daughter). Chapter 1 of our text discusses multiple roles of the generalist social worker, such as the advocate, mediator, activist, and so on.

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For this question, consider the Campbell family. They have come into your community mental health office where you have been assigned to assist this family. The family would like to discuss the options for Jacob spending time in jail for stealing the neighbor’s vehicle. They feel that it would be detrimental to his mental health and that it is “unfair” that he may be charged with a felony.

Complete the following:

  1. Identify one of the social work roles described in Generalist Social Work Practice(pages 12–18) that you could apply to assist the Campbell family in this situation:
    • Explain why the role is appropriate.
    • Give specific examples of how you would apply this role.
  2. Identify the micro-, mezzo-, and macro-system you could work with in this situation. Provide at least one example of a possible intervention at each level (micro, mezzo, and macro).
  3. Locate one community resource (local, state, or national), based on the role you identified, that you would use to provide this service for the family:
    • Identify the agency.
    • Explain why it would be appropriate and if it would be responding to the micro-, mezzo-, or macro-system.
    • Cite the Web site.
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