debate on supplementation fish oil

Please read the zip filed to understood what to write on the paper.

Let me know if you read all the filed and know what to do please

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Follow the reading on zip filed

1. Post length 1500 (minimum)-1600 word

2- You MUST address the following questions:

¤1. For what condition is it recommended?

¤2. For what people is it recommended?

¤3. What is the recommended dose?

¤4. Any research on safety or efficacy?

¤5. Any third party certification available?

6. What is your recommendation given the evidence?

You need at least FIVE, scientific evidence based sources from peer reviewed scientific journals, or credible scientific websites. Please if you use websites use ONLY the sites that were named in the class lecture on Supplementation. Those sites are listed in the slides from class lecture, which are in learning module 4.

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