read the attached case study and answer the following questions

1) Describe what you think is a way to make the Metropolitan Council more efficient

2) Describe what you think are strengths of the area’s habitat conservation efforts

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3) The Twin Cities effort features an extensive resource inventorying and mapping effort, but leaves out a few resource categories. What are some of the resource categories that could be included in the inventorying efforts, and why are they important?

4) The council relies heavily on acquisition to propagate its conservation system. What do you think makes these acquisition efforts so successful? (ie through funding means and community participation?)

5) The Council’s Livable Communities program uses incentives to encourage responsible development and efficient land use, and it can be argued that it finds success through emphasizing human values. Describe some of the ways that human values were prioritized, and why you think it generated success.

6) Overall, what are your thoughts about this case study? Do you see any room for improvement, if so, where? Is there anything about its methodology you disagree with?

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