project scope and project management processes 1

  • PART I – “Project Scope and Project Management Processes”
  • You are a project manager for a network company that provide WAN/LAN Voice and Video services. You have been assigned a project from a project manager who is no longer with the company. You are in the implementation process and there is scope creep due to the project management plan not being clearly written with defined scope. Complete the below scenario using 200 words or more.
    You believe the above project would benefit from the use of MS Project at your current employment, define the scope, and identify a key constraint of the project in question. Next, specify the primary manner in which you would benefit from the use the MS Project in the project you selected.
  • Analyze each of the five (5) process groups discussed within the PMBOK text, and determine the most difficult process group for the management to execute when formulating a project. Provide one (1) example of such project to support your response.
  • PART II – In a min of 100 words elaborate further to the below statement:
  • we do not live a perfect world and poor communication and or time management among other soft skills continue to impact the success of project. It is one of the reasons by PMPs must recertify every three years as PMs struggle to apply PM knowledge and effective soft skills. Many are successful but it continues to be challenges, Nevertheless, your observation is not only correct but essential to project success.
  • PART III – “Balancing the Needs of Your Stakeholders.” Please respond to the following in a min of 300 words or more
    For the project you selected in part I, determine the primary manner in which you would address the likely stakeholders’ needs and wants while balancing the project scope. Provide at least two (2) specific examples of addressing such needs and wants to support your response.
  • PART IV – Watch the video titled “PMP Training – Topic 12: Stakeholder Management” (8 min 41 s). Video Source: Dr Sam Swapn. (2013, Oct 27). Stakeholder Management Creep [Video file]. Retrieved from .

recommend at least three (3) strategies that a project manager may use to manage stakeholders’ needs. Provide a rationale to support your response.

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