disaster recovery 10

Subject: Disaster Recovery

Question 1: Discuss documents that need to be included in recovery documentation.

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3 APA references

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Question 2:

2.1. A major hurricane has struck the area where your company has its central data center. There are offsite backups and hardware at three other centers around the country.

2.2. Assume that the area is suffering greatly from the hurricane’s impact, and your company cannot continue operations until the central data center’s operations resume.

2.3 Briefly describe the activities that need to occur to set up the emergency operation center for your company, and where your company should locate the center.


Need minimum 500 words (use about 3 questions 2.1, 2.2, 2.3)

1.5 spacing, APA format

3 APA citations

3 APA References

No Plagiarism

Need 1 Reply to below discussion

During planning of disaster recover the documentation is the important thing that covers pre-planning, plan during disasters and post procedure of the recovery process. Documentation play key role in each stage of disaster recovery management. If proper planning and documentation is done prior to the disaster for all the stages that includes post disaster recover documentation, which would save huge amount of money while implementing the recovery process. It is proven that pre-disaster recover planning has always been cost effective and very efficient compared to the recovery process that was made during post disaster. Since time resources and money involved in the recovery process, which will become costlier after disaster occurs.

Calamitous disaster occasions in society will affect on the population, economy, infrastructure, politics, and environment, and in addition the society’s lifestyle. Catastrophe occasions exhibit how people are defenseless against huge demolitions. So, there is a need to be prepared to face such huge disasters. For that planning and documentation is necessary. Disaster recovery management team will follow set of instructions and plans which were already documented. Basically, the complete process of disaster recovery is considered as a disaster cycle and it has four phases in it. Mitigation, preparedness, response, recovery these are the four phases of the disaster cycle. Mitigation, in this phase Pre-Disaster mitigation plan. Preparedness phase includes education, outreach and training for the people. Response phase constitutes how soon the recovery team is accumulated and started implementing the disaster recovery. It also includes the business continuity plan and emergency operation pan. Recovery phase mainly consists post disaster recovery plan.

Some of the important documents need during recovery are as follows: –

1. Post recovery plans

2. Recovery ordinance

3. Business continuity plan

4. Inventories of the lands eligible for the post disaster recovery

5. Basic necessity recovery and reconstruction plans.

6. Temporary housing plans for the people or animals which got effected due to disaster

7. The enforcement for the recovery principles for the reconstructions.


Need minimum 125 words

Need 1 reply

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