discussion for hospitality and tourism global issues class 1

Hello, my class name is Hospitality and Tourism Global Issues.

I just have the disscussion that need you to help me. It is need to answer 4 questions.

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Based on the readings respond to the discussion question and to two of your classmates’ posts for full credit.

Overtourism is a problem for many countries around the world. While the countries need to tourism revenue they are destroying their natural resources, which is the reason people are traveling to their country. Select a tourism destination (city or region – but do not choose one that has already been chosen by your classmates).

1. How is overtourism impacting that tourism destination?

2. What is the government and/or business leaders doing to overcome the problem?

3. What is the long-term outlook for this destination?

4. What would you do or do differently to preserve this tourism destination, while also protecting the economy of this city or region?

The format is Question 1:

Answer 1:

Question 2:

Answer 2:

Please give it to me on time. I just need 1-2 pages.

Thank you~

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