examine and analyze your gendered relationships

1. Read Chapter 9 of the Wood text: “Gendered Close Relationships” in the text pp.185-206. Read also the list of Fundamental Human Rights in e-Lecture #5.

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2. Answer the following two questions. Number your response to each question.

Question #1: To what extent are gendered patterns of interaction described in Chapter 9 present in your current or past romantic relationships or friendships?

In your response to question #1, cite at least four ideas from Chapter 9 in the text to support your analysis of the relationship(s). For clarity, bold or underlineeach idea you cite, and include the specific text page you’re referencing. For example:

“The text states: ‘the belief that men have more power than women is often reflected in the distribution of labor in the home (page 199).’ When it comes to the distribution of labor in our home, I’m very glad that my fiancé and I each take an active role in keeping our residence in good shape. For instance…”

Question #2: From the list of Fundamental Human Rights in e-Lecture #5, which rights are particularly important to you in a romantic relationship or friendship, in terms of how you want to be treated, and how you want to treat your partner? Elaborate in detail.

In your response to question #2, cite at least two Fundamental Human Rights to support your position. For clarity, bold or underline each idea you cite, and include the e-lecture number for reference. For example:

“One of the rights listed in e-Lecture #5 is ‘You have the right to say no without feeling guilty.’ Examining my relationship with my friend Kelly, it’s clear that he often relies on me for favors, such as driving him to work or doing his chores. I’m often busy and don’t have time to help him. Significantly, he seems to take my generosity for granted, and rarely reciprocates. It’s very important for me learn how to set boundaries with Kelly by saying ‘no’ diplomatically when necessary…”

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