research paper what are the benefits and the drawbacks of using the internet as a source of information

Paper should have 5 paragraphs which including introduction, 3 body paragraphs and conclusion ( 1500 words)

Introduction should including (topic, background, thesis statement)

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1th body paragraph (benefit)

2th body paragraph (disadvantage)

3th body paragraph (connect with personal experiences to sum up one view, for example, I think… even though…. Its counterargument on this part)

Conclusion (sum up all views, conclusion should very clearly and understanding)

All sources you need for this paper should found on the article that I post on it. So make sure you’re read it. Then you can use it well. The paper should have good organization and no grammar mistake. No plagiarism, i will check all steps make sure you answer all requirements, I am not accept incomplete work , thanks for helping.

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