write two pages essay

2 Pages in text citation and citation page on the 3rd page: in-text citations citation page using fayols principles choose a company and describe the way in which they use the principles to organize their company.

Support materials:

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  • The fayols principles
  • The economic system transforms inputs of outputs

Both are in the power point which is located in the attachment.

*Here some requires from teacher: (please must be following this instruction below)

1. Please use concepts from the text book and ideas with your own words.

2. Proof or evidence: data – data and it must have in-text citations…next to it.. that data was developed by someone else and you must give that person credit for it.

3. Please don’t use wiki’s or anonymous. The assignments I am asking you to use have lots of data available.

4. Please don’t give me theory alone.. I want data-examples proof evidence….

APA Citation : please use paraphrase way to cite the citation, and remember to list the page numbers or paragraph numbers !!!

At least four resources or more.

Text book


If you have any question, please feel free to text me in any time.

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