blog post for race gender and media class

Write a blog post about Bill Cosby sentence, Kavanaugh supreme court, and Fired CBS Charlie Rose issue or Harvey Weinstein sexual abuse allegations.

Relate each of them to:

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– the #MeTooMovement

– Race & Gender

and at the end for each issue:

  • Write your opinion.
  • Who you believe? the accused or the accuser?, by research.
  • Pick a side who you support, and why, by evidence.
  • From your perspective how to judge.
  • How to treat people.
  • Should the accused be innocent until proven guilty or guilty until proven guilty?
  • The best sentence from your perspective.
  • Justify your position upon different cases.

*Write references.

* Must write about Bill Cosby sentence and Kavanaugh supreme court. * you can choose between Fired CBS Charlie Rose issue or Harvey Weinstein sexual abuse allegations

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