making good decisions 1

Assignment: Making Good Decisions

Your company recently had a round of layoffs. The quarterly reports have been pulled. You have met the departmental deadlines for this month and your QA stats look good, so you are on target with your department goals. But lately, you have noticed an increase in absenteeism and employees coming to work late; rarely do you hear the chatter of employees engaging each other the way they used to before the layoff. As a manager, you have to be able to focus on the work to be done as well as on the employees. An ad hoc project team comprised of top management and team leads has been put together to address this change in the organization. Use the decision-making process to identify and address the problem. In your alternatives, think like a manager.

The Decision-Making Process


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As a manager, you are tasked with incorporating ways to motivate and encourage employees to stay focused on the goals of the company and to increase their loyalty to the company. You also have to be aware of organizational behavior and find ways to promote job satisfaction, increase morale, and motivate the employees.

Be sure to follow these requirements in your work:

  • Create a 10- to 12-slide PowerPoint presentation outlining the decision-making process as applied to this scenario to present to the project team. Be creative in your presentation and your suggestions for resolutions.
  • Include presentation notes about how you would present the content to your team.
  • Do not copy word for word from the textbook or any websites you visit.
  • If appropriate, support your assertions with scholarly resources in current APA format.
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