mini strategy 12

Home depot sounds good! Below highlighted in green will be my part.

  • Define & Evaluate the organization’s mission statement, vision statement, and values statement. ARGIN
  • Discuss & evaluate the organization’s current goals and objectives
  • Assess & evaluate the organization’s current status:
  • Leadership
  • Board members
  • Structure
  • Number of employees
  • Conduct a basic SWOT analysis and discuss the implications of those results.
  • Report the most recent financial results including annual revenues, annual after tax earnings, and five years of year-end stock prices. Hector
  • Perform competitor analysis. Hector
  • Develop strategic recommendations to the board of directors including rationale. Hector
  • Create a profile of the current CEO including the following: (Casey)
  • Background and accomplishments
  • Education and educational experiences
  • Length of time in the current position
  • Major career accomplishments
  • Leadership and management styles
  • Vision for the company
  • Innovative accomplishments

Need three or four slides with speaker notes on the Home Depot topic.

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