write a character story based on a chosen object beaded bracelet

Based on the objective text and subjective text (which are attached below), create a short story to include a fictional character that has connections with the beaded bracelet. Consider the origin of the beaded bracelet; the life cycle of the beaded bracelet – who owned it and what might happen to it after it is discarded. Also consider the actions, thoughts, experiences, and memories revealing the fictional character’s idenity and lifestyle.

The objective tex:

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The word “bracelet” derives from the Greek word “brachile” meaning “of the arm.” Bracelets have been manufactured from a plethora of materials, such as metal, leather, cloth, plastic, and more. They are typically adorned with jewels, rocks, wood, shells, crystals, metal, or pearls, among others. Obviously, each bracelet can vary dramatically in style, quality, price, and function. Multiple archeologists have found evidence that people wore bracelets in ancient Egypt, Mesopotamia, and China back to the earlier ages. Early bracelets were made of grasses, slender tree limbs and shells, then copper and bronze. After the Bronze Age, artisans made bracelets of gold and silver. Soon they became more decorative, adorned with shells and stones, as jewelry became a symbol of wealth and status.

My object is called a “Bead Bracelet”, and it which comes from one of the world’s oldest religions, Buddhism. Buddhism has been widely respected ever since it was formed over two thousand years ago. The Buddha beads are considered as treasure by Buddhists and they believe that holding a number of Buddha beads can calm the mind by emptying thoughts and feelings. In fact, Buddha beads have been given out to disaster victims as offerings representing relief and safety. They are also given out as best wishes in daily life.

The Bead Bracelet is an accessory that many people regard as good luck for themselves and their relatives. Most can find and purchase the bracelet at traditional Buddhist temples. The beads are generally spherical, indicating perfection. As more and more people begin to wear beads, the Buddha beads have suddenly become more fashionable. In other words, the beads are popular and have become a symbol of the stylish and successful. This is due to the interesting mix of religion and fashion. In addition, the beads represent a kind of subtle reminder that everyone can adjust their mentality when they are troubled or anxious, simply by touching them.

The subjective text:

As the only child in my family, I grew up with my grandparents since my parents were always busy with their business. When I grew up I decided to study abroad. This meant I would be alone in a foreign country. This bracelet was a gift from my grandmother who wanted me to be safe when I was away from home. It is not only an amulet for me to wear everyday, but a small token that reassures me that my family will always support and care for me. The bracelet also reminds me of the traditional Chinese culture I was born into, and it helps me identify myself, where I come from, and who I am. It represents an aspect of my family that has been an essential part to me.

Besides all of that, this bracelet represents a blessing from my grandparents. Before I left my grandmother brought me to an old Chinese temple to pray for my safety and happiness. By wearing this bracelet, I could feel that the love from my family would always stay with me and would encourage me to overcome any difficulties I met along the way. This memory plays a key role in my life because I know that my grandparents wish only the best for me: even when I cannot be physically there for them. I sincerely appreciate what my family has done for me. I chose this bracelet because it also represents my gratitude for my family, people who will always stand behind me and provide me with as much support as they can.

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