vocabulary terms and chronology 1

For this assignment you will use ALL vocabulary terms (24 in total) and include the definition of each term, determine the impact of the subject by listing the type of event or issue it was be it that it is connected (Economic, Social or Political and each term must include two of the three impacts) Then connect it to what was happening in American History at the time….. To include dates, names of people involved and the outcome of the event, issue or term itself……..your examples would give specific situations. For example, issues/event(here is where you indicate whether it is economic social and/or political…what caused the event( here you would use three of the elements to help demonstrate what caused the event by including (who, what, when, where, how and/or why)). This assignment does not have to be written in paper form, simply list each vocabulary term, define it , determine and state if the issue/event or key term is at least two out of the three (economic social and/or political, then connect it to what was happening in American History at the time. There is a formula provided to help guide responses and ensure the requirements are being met.

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