theories of personality

Lecture 1: Chapter 1 Question
Review the section in your textbook called “Personality and the Social Media” in Chapter 1, beginning on page 6. Answer the following three questions, which appear on page 6. For each reply, use a real-life example to demonstrate support for your position.

1. Do we present our real selves on social media?

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2. Does the use of social media influence or change our personalities?

3. Do people with different personalities use social media in different ways?

Lecture 2: Chapter 2 Question

Select a topic of interest from Lecture 2/Chapter 2 of your textbook. Then find an interesting educational video on YouTube about the topic. The video should be at least 5 minutes long. After watching the video, answer the following questions.

State your topic:

Provide a link:

1. Using your textbook and/or lecture notes, briefly summarize the topic you chose. Include a rationale for selecting the topic.

2. Give a detailed explanation of the video and its relevance to your topic.

3. What is the most important information that you learned from the video, and how can it help you manage aspects of your personality that may cause you anxiety?

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