the integrated management project imp oman

please check the attached file for the assignment task and questions and all the requirements the assignment should be about: Information Technology Authority in Oman .

two parts

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IMP part 1 (500 words)

Short proposal of 500 words write about problem being identified in My organization (Information Technology Authority Oman) and what theories, tools and techniques are available to provide a business solution (preferred the techniques which have been learned during our past study also how the various parts of the business / organization come into play. No need to write references

(Attached WhatsApp Image 2018-09-19 at 10.06.25 PM) Describing the proposal assignment part 1 only

organizational problems or challenges it may help you ;

poor workforce productivity,

interpersonal conflicts

among employees,

difficulty adjusting to change,

disagreements on job duties,

competition for departmental resources,

poor processes,

unclear accountability

poor system

No Clear Growth Path

Poor Communication

No Formal Structure

poor interpersonal

communication in the workplace

Resistance of change


Lack in career development

Problem analysis tool

Problem solving tool

Problem analysis techniques, Major techniques of problem analysis as below ;

Force field analysis

Fishbond analysis

Cause and effect trail

Critical incidence analysis

Five why’s


which system approach / methodology suits you problem soft or hard

IMP part 2(3000 words)

Similar to assignment 1 identify problem in your organization that has multiple and varied approaches to its resolution and write about the problem in all perspectives linking that to the modules which we have learned before such LMP , marketing ,operation management, strategy and project management.

helpful sources

Stowell, F., Welch, C., (2012), The Manager’s Guide to Systems Practice: Making Sense of Complex Problems. Wiley Easterby-Smith, M., Thorpe, R., Jackson, PR., (2012), Management Research, Sage Saunders, M., Lewis, P., Thornhill, A., (2012), Research Methods for Business Students, Pearson

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