The Idea of Different Civilizations Was a Prevalent Topic Question




1. Briefly describe the event as a whole.  (Was there a common theme or message? Are the works organized by chronology, theme or medium? What kinds of media were represented?  How was the gallery laid out?)

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2. Choose two of the works you saw, and describe them in detail: the subject-matter, medium, composition, and other elements we’ve discussed in class.  (That is, be sure to use the terminology we’ve laid out for describing visual art.) Compare the two works.

3.  Who are the artists, and what are they trying to convey?  (Is there a message or meaning?)

4. Are these, in your opinion, effective works of art?  Pretend you are writing a review for the campus newspaper or describing the exhibit to a friend. (This is partly subjective, but you should be basing your opinion on your analysis in Nos. 2 and 3 above, and our class discussions.) 

5. Finally, what is your personal reaction to these works?  Why?

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