the environment and external stakeholders

The world around us is always changing. As such, businesses cannot operate in a vacuum. Organizational culture and organizational structure have a major impact on outcomes that are important at the organizational, team, and individual levels, and internationally. The external environment and its stakeholders may help shape the culture and structure of the organization. Discuss the importance of how the environment and external stakeholders may shape organizational culture, what it impacts in the workplace, and how it shapes an organization ethically and globally.

Then, consider an organization with which you are, or have been, affiliated (whether professional, military, religious, civic, hobbyist, etc.). How do the concepts of culture and structure manifest themselves in the organization locally, nationally, and globally? How could they be improved?

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Length 250 words
Respond to the question prompt in a well written, concise manner. Critically analyze by providing outside professional and scholarly references (at least 2). Always, cite and reference accordingly in APA format. The CSULB Style Manual and Citation Methods or Purdue Owl Writing Lab are great online resources for APA assistance.

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