summarized couple readings in one document

readings: 1. Women and the American Revolution pp.23-26

2. I am for the equal rights amendment

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3. #MeToo and Time’s Up Founders Explain the Difference Between the 2 Movements — And How They’re Alike

4. As long as grass grows or water runs pp.125-148

5. As he himself puts it’: the art of quoting” pp.442-51

requirements: formatting–12 point, times new roman font, double spaced, 1” margins, page numbers, left justified, chicago in-text citations

Summarizes each one separately, and the summarized should cover the main points, and include a personal reaction(1-2 sentences) at the end. On average 1.5 to 2.5 pages, depending on the number of readings. Do not include an introduction or conclusion, just proceed right to brief summaries of each reading. For the personal reaction, must respomd to the content of the readings, not their length or difficulty, for example: what in the reading did you find new or interesting ? what was confusing or shocking?

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