statistics sta215

In the following assignment you are to use the attached data to find the best predictor for totals wins in an MLB season. You should create regression analyses to see which has the greatest impact on wins: runs scored, runs allowed, run differential and 1-run game win percentage (there should be 4 regressions analyses total). Look at the results of these analyses and determine which one fits the number of wins the best.

After running the analyses you should prepare a Word document containing the following information:

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  1. Which stat is the best predictor for final number of wins
  2. The correlation coefficient for this stat
  3. The line of best fit equation for this stat
  4. If Team A has 5.3 runs scored, 3.9 runs allowed, a 1.4 run differential and a 1-run game win percentage of 0.641, what would your results predict their number of games won to be?

Please submit your Excel file and Word document to Blackboard for grading.

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