security awareness 1

  • Review your Google Dashboard – provide a ten sentence synopsis with the number of searches and information captured based on your user activity (5 pts)
  • Try out selected Plugin’s List from Slide 18 and complete the attached spreadsheet to identify how each impacted your browsing experience. If the page fails to load, disable one plugin at a time until the page loads to determine the source of the failure (10 pts)
  • Reflect: In 15 sentences, what are you giving, in return for what is being blocked? AND if the plugin does not block anything, how is the plugin beneficial? (5 pts)
  • Identify a plugin that was not listed that you currently use that would improve the quality of life of other students? Provide the name, download link, and a three sentence overview explaining the benefits? (2 pts)
  • Give 5 examples of personal data that is collected about consumers and how it is used for the benefit of the user (5 pts)
  • What information, not being stored now, would improve your current digital life? Provide two examples with a three sentence explanation of each. (3 pts)
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