rowing the bus

Read the attached story called Rowing the Bus by Paul Logan. Rowing the Bus-1.pdf

Remember the 4 steps to writing an essay. Write an essay of 4-5 paragraphs using the following instructions:

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Logan provides many vivid descriptions of incidents in which bullies attack other students. Reread these descriptions, and consider what they teach you about the nature of bullies and bullying. Then write an essay that supports the following main idea:

Bullies seem to share certain qualities.

Identify two or three qualities; then discuss each in a separate paragraph.

You may use two or three of the following as the topic sentences for your supporting paragraphs, or come up with your own supporting points:

  • Bullies are cowardly.
  • Bullies make themselves feel big by making other people feel small.
  • Bullies cannot feel very good about themselves.
  • Bullies are feared but not respected.
  • Bullies act cruelly in order to get attention.

Develop each supporting point with one or more anecdotes or ideas from any of the following: your own experience, your understanding of human nature, and “Rowing the Bus.”

Upload your final essay on Canvas.

I have attached a rubric for guidance. ESSAY RUBRIC.docx

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