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Hope you’re doing good. just i need 2 replies about 150-200 words for below topics. there are 2 same topics below , use word document for each reply and APA format(clearly avoid plagiarism). must provide 1 peer review reference for each reply.

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Discussion 1.1: Sharpening the Team Mind: Communication and Collective Intelligence

Collaboration and inclusion at the workplace are considered the prime goal for many enterprises, however, proves to be a tricky task to achieve, because of the many biases existing among the team members. The biases can be formed consciously or unconsciously by the team members during their working time. Unconscious bias takes place when a member tries to base their judgment on prejudices formed by false impressions of people, situations, environment, and backgrounds. Some common biases that can be seen in the workplace are similarity bias, contrast bias, attribution bias, affinity bias, and conformity bias, which are considered to affect the communication between the team members and thereby impact the success of the project. Each bias mentioned above work differently on the team communication, for example, the affinity bias lets the members form their opinions based on the kinship towards the team, and conformity bias lets the team members want to confirm his opinions with the other members of the team.

In all the three examples of failures given in the chapter, namely Walmart, JetBlue, and Blueberry cases, it can be seen that there was a fault in communication. There is a habit of assuming the information is already shared and known by the members of the team, and usually, the messages tend to be short and at times incomplete, and which is what happened in all the three cases.

Team Decision-Making: Pitfalls and Solutions

Groupthink is the tendency of the teams or groups taking decisions to upkeep the status quo and compromising the individual’s ability to express their opinions. Groupthink is said to suppress the innovative ability of the of the individuals and pressurized to the conformity of the team, and adversely affect the decision making the power of the individuals in the team, also miss out on real constructive ideas of the members. The supposed symptoms of the groupthink are stereotyping, overly optimistic, collective rationalization, belief in group integrity, self-censorship, peer pressure, and appointing self as mind guard. The advantages of groupthink can be seen as creating harmony among the members, develop kinship, and finish the tasks within the time. The disadvantages of groupthink can be, it kills the creativity and individualism of the individuals. The situations that call for groupthink are when the involvement of the group is needed, and the decisions directly affect the members. When there is little time to make decisions, the decision-making power is given to an experienced individual.

Discussion 1.2> Sharpening the Team Mind: Communication and Collective Intelligence.

A. The following are the communication biases are message tuning, biased interpretation and perspective taking failure. Announcement topics are numerous additional than unbiased these difficulties with side declaration matters and the problems recorded at this point might not make your own list. Nevertheless really, these are the belongings that possess control players from functioning capably or influence the crew with admiration to drive.

B. Consume simplicity in your views: You ought to be clear around your goal and could you repeat that you need to permit scheduled. Organize your musings in a legitimate request and afterwards that communicate in similar manner. Orderly communication and lucidity in assumed remain sufficiently grew besides acknowledged. Capricious meetings canister be deluding so you ought to reliably endeavor to reveal that there is a fact or justification behind schedule your conversation. Possess a repetitive patterned on the communique scheme: You ought to collapse the inadequacies in the communication system. Every person of the activities must remain complete to recognize whether you should focus on the proper or unplanned method to communicate.

Section 2:

A. Group think is a psychological phenomenon that occurs when we settle down on selections privileged a group. The assumption is that everyone would approve, and the harmony is not compulsory. Although there are disagreeing members, no individual desires towards battle with the parcel and be an agitator. In this way, folks with queries or conflicting conclusions not after speech existing their doubts to the meeting encouraged by a suspicious anxiety of being striped or being incorrect, because if everybody believes that single object is accurate, at that opinion it must be. This item ensues as soon as an adverse hierarchical value is being built up. For example, if everybody submits an infringement or beliefs that a system is superfluous, at that point a typical rehash that conduct or clutches the principle even in contrast to his or her improved decision.

B. Better decision-makers: Collections remain reinstated decision-makers.

Despite the fact there are risks in group-decision creation, yet here are sure advantages that can’t be overlooked. More differing your gathering is, more thoughts, point of view and developments it conveys to your plate. As a leader you without a doubt need to take advantage of that cooperative energy. New thoughts and developments are the need of an opportunity to remain beneficial and applicable. So, you need to utilize each trap accessible to profit by the assorted variety of your gathering. To receive the rewards of cooperative energy in your set, assembly choice production method is dynamic.

Note: Please write each Reply in a different word document.

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