reflecting on your writing

1-Discussion: Reflecting on Your Writing: Proofreading and ensuring you have correct grammar and punctuation is an important final step before completing any scholarly writing assignment. Be sure to allot the necessary time for this step when planning the timeline for this and future assignments.

This week’s Learning Resources will help you effectively proofread your work so that you can submit a strong final draft. For this Discussion, you will reflect on your own writing in relation to final proofreading. Based on what you have learned from the week’s Learning Resources, you will share your thoughts and experiences on proofreading. You may also choose to reflect on any grammar- or punctuation-related issues.

To prepare for this Discussion:

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  • Review the Learning Resources on proofreading.
  • Review the Learning Resources on grammar and punctuation.
  • Reflect on your writing process in relation to proofreading. You may even choose to consider how you approached this specific Assignment in relation to proofreading, grammar, and/or punctuation.

***********Post a 1- to 2-paragraph reflection on your use of proofreading. (Note: You may choose to reflect specifically on how you will apply concepts of proofreading in this week’s Assignment.) In addition, identify any grammar-related issues in your writing and discuss how you addressed them in this course.


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