reading response 250 300 words

Respond to Dawoud Bey’s message. What strikes you most strongly in his posting? How can you personally “live the life you think should be lived”?

“We are going through some really stressful time as a nation right now, and I suspect more than a few in a state of quiet collective depression. It’s a time to draw close to those you love, forge alliances, remain engaged, and if you are an artist of any kind to try to always make work that matters and pushes back against the madness. We need brilliance, joy, love, rigor, passion and profound belief in possibility. Make the work you want to see, live the life you think should be lived, in your own circles be the leader you think we need, raise the bar as high as you can. Choose to be inspired and inspiring, caring and nurturing. We each have the power to reshape the world, one person, one engagement, one artwork, one performance, one poem, one embrace at a time. Forward ever, backward never…” Dawoud Bey

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