Quality Management Discussion




Learning Outcome:

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  • Use quality improvement tools and practices for continuous improvement. (LO: 3.5 & 3.8).
  • Identify and resolve the Manufacturing / Procurement related quality issues (LO: 1.6 & 1.7).

Instruction to search the Article:

1.Via your student services page, log in to the Saudi Digital Library.

2.After your login with your student ID, search for the following case study:

Improvement of the customer satisfaction through Quality Assurance Matrix and QC-Story methods: A case study from automotive industry G M Sicoe1, N Belu1, N Rachieru1 and E V Nicolae2

In this case study, the authors discussed the impact of using Quality Assurance Matrix (QAM) and Quality Control Story techniques in the automotive industry field, and how it can increase the quality performance and customer satisfaction.

Download the article, read it carefully and answer the following questions in your own words:

  • In brief, explain the meaning of quality assurance matrix and quality control-story methods discussed in the case. ( Minimum of 200 words ) , [ 1.5 Mark }
  • Describe the tools that can be implemented in the application of Quality Assurance Matrix (QAM) and Quality Control Story. ( Minimum of 150 words ) , { 1.5 Mark }

Based on the described process and examples given of Quality Assurance Matrix (QAM) and Quality Control Story techniques create your own example using one of these techniques. (You are free to choose the industry field and the product or service type). (Minimum of 200), { 2 Marks}.


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