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Sam P. LeMean, Quality Assurance Analyst for Frenchie’s Chocolate Kisses, wants to construct a control chart for determining that his factory is under control with regard to a particular quality variable)  Accordingly, he collected four samples of six units each of output from his production line, with the following results:


           SAMPLE #           MEASUREMENTS              

           ========      ======================     

              #1         17; 15; 15; 17; 16; 16      

              #2         16; 25; 18; 25; 21; 20      

              #3         23; 24; 23; 22; 23; 22      

              #4        15; 18; 16; 17; 19; 20      

              #5         25; 20; 19; 24; 22; 21      


Part a)


Using the sample ranges as estimates of variability determine the center line, control limits, sketch the control chart and add the correct plot data (you can draw the lines using “insert”/”shapes” and then add the data points — be creative) for Frenchie’s  control chart.   Is Frenchie’s mean in control?  EXPLAIN.












Part b)


Determine the control limits, draw the control chart and add the correct plot data for the R-chart for Frenchie’s quality variable.  Is Frenchie’s variability in control?  EXPLAIN.


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