1.      You are the manager of a family steakhouse (Ryan’s, Golden Corral). Discuss how and why you would decide on the type of beef you wish to serve including all of the following:

           –    Breed & Feed;

           –    Grade;

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           –    Aging,

           –    Delivery In Sides, Quarters and/or Portion Cuts;

           –    Fresh or Frozen.

          Use UNIT 10 information as well as NAMPS book, and on-line sources.


2.      Discuss how you would:

           –    Select  a Meat Purveyor;

           –    determine the Number of Deliveries needed weekly;

           –    Inventory & Storage Procedures.


3.      Discuss all of your findings and decisions  with the manager of one or more family steakhouses. (Minimum of one).(do not need interview, just make up an interview is ok, and make up the people information for the interview)

Follow the HTM 31100-003 or 004 Assignment Procedure Guide in researching, writing and submitting your assignment.

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