please do me a 3 pages slides and speech draft

  1. Company Background
  2. Case explained
  3. What’s major ethical issue in the case?

Those are three question I need to answer. Our case is :“International bribery” is a pervasive and difficult issue. Read the case of “Chiquita Banana and Mercenary Protection”. Discuss how this US firm got itself into a position in which it bribed two terrorist groups in Colombia, contrary to US law. State whether you think Chiquita’s actions were ethical or not. Undergird your positions with ethical theories/tests. State what you think Chiquita should have done when first approached for bribes; state what you think Chiquita should have done as demands for bribery continued; state what you think Chiquita should have done (or should be now doing) to deal with the lingering lawsuits. Do research into the history of the situation and bring us up to date on the resolution of it. In all cases buttress your opinions with ethical theories/tests.

I attached case here, so you can read it.

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Please do me a 3 pages slides and speech draft so I can read for 4 mins.

I attached our presentation model also. You can inset my slides part into it and combine with it

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