overall economic outlook

1. What is the level of FDI (both inward and outward) in China? What does this indicate about the outlook for China? Has the US invested significantly in China? Name the top countries that have FDI in China. Which countries are reciepient of FDI from China? Why should US businesses know about this FDI scenario?

2. What is the Global Competitiveness Index for China? How does it compare to the US?

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3. What is the overall economic outlook for China?

Organize your answers with headings and sub-headings in a paper format. Please do not use the questions as your headings. Use the APA style with in-text citations. Please keep your paragraphs short (paragraphs that are more than half a page is to be avoided)

Start with the CIA World Factbook. (https://www.cia.gov/library/publications/the-world-factbook/)

Also, use the Global Resource Directory.(https://globaledge.msu.edu)

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