Onboarding and Orientation Program Discussion Questions




Why is an effective onboarding & orientation program needed? Describe five benefits of an effective onboarding & orientation program for new employees.

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Should a supervisor work to develop the career of a subordinate even if it means possibly losing the employee to an internal or external opportunity? Discuss the benefits and risks of a career management program.

  1. As an HR representative, you have been approached by three different supervisors regarding some performance issues of a few employees.  What follow-up questions would you ask of the supervisor, and what would be your advice to each supervisor?
  2.       3a.  “Henry is always late to work.
  3.       3b.  “Tandreka just can’t do the job.” You ask about documentation of performance issues, and there is none. There have been no discussions with Tandreka regarding poor performance.

3c.  “Betty has all the potential in the world yet it’s just like she’s not motivated.”

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